​We create a culture of engaged and loyal employees who are proud of our heritage and are passionate in delivering exceptional service. This is achieved in a family environment that promotes honesty and respect for each other, where we are recognised as a genuine and caring employer that continually grows and develops our own talent. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and endeavour to nurture them to make a positive impact on our customers, our community and the environment.


Strengthen executive and leadership development
Attract new talent and retain quality employees
Implement the competency framework across the Group
Introduce “Ambassadors for Good” Training Programme
Empower operations’ CRS champions through training
Target zero work fatality or incident resulting in permanent disability
Minimise occupational health and safety incidents by improving the processes and system to support the management, planning and disclosure requirements on health and safety
Achieve OHSAS 18001 for all operations
Establish a global talent management system to support talent management, planning and disclosure needs

​2015 Progress

​Improve our succession planning by incorporating the Group’s competency framework in the process - On Plan
​Align our people-development tools to the Group’s competency framework - Achieved
​Expand the reach of the new e-performance appraisal system to more employees as part of a global talent management system that we are building - Achieved
​​Roll out the Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020 e-learning module across all operations - Behind Plan
​Conduct a gap analysis of our compliance with OHSAS 18001 - Behind Plan
​​Further enhance the injury and illness prevention programme through more robust post-incident investigations - On Plan
​Establish a global IT platform to support operations with on-site crisis management - Behind Plan

​2016 Target

​Develop employee orientation programme incorporating Vision 2020
​Roll out the Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020 e-learning module across all operations
​Create training programmes for Vision 2020 Champions across operations
​​Reduce staff injury incidents by 5%
​​All operations to conduct OHSAS 18001 gap analysis


The HSH Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020 puts sustainability at the heart of the company’s business model and brand. With seven areas of focus covering all divisions of the business, Vision 2020 sets out more than 50 economic, social and environmental goals that HSH is committed to achieve by 2020.
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    Governance & Management
  • Guest Experience
    Guest Experience
  • Employees
  • Operation
  • New build & refit
    New build & refit
  • Supply chain
    Supply chain
  • Community