We strive to offer unique experiences, timeless glamour and exquisite surroundings and facilities, all designed to enrich, enhance and create everlasting memories for our guests while respecting the environment and preserving our heritage. Our service is genuine, personalised and innovative, and we are committed to quality in everything we do.

Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020

Expand our customer base, particularly the 30s-50s age groups, and nurture their loyalty through our authentic service culture and the use of innovative technology
Attract family travellers by providing facilities and services that cater for their needs
Attract senior travellers by providing facilities and services that cater for their needs
Engage our customers in preserving our heritage for future generations
Provide Green Meeting options to corporate clients
Continue to create memorable guest experiences through impeccable service, applying the right technology, leveraging on the resources of the cities we operate in, and creating an environment that supports our guests’ lifestyle choices, such as healthier and more sustainable lifestyles

2015 Progress

Create family-friendly programmes and facilities to offer unique experiences and further attract family travelers - Achieved
Relaunch the new room product at The Peninsula Chicago as part of the repositioning of the hotel - On Plan
Update and relaunch the Peninsula Wellness concept across all hotels to provide our guests with a wider
selection of options to maintain their wellbeing - Achieved
Roll out a new mobile version of Peninsula.com - Achieved 

2016 Target

Continue to enhance our digital presence to meet our customers’ expectations
Continue to expand our offerings to cater for all types of families and children
Develop external communications strategy for corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts 


The HSH Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020 puts sustainability at the heart of the company’s business model and brand. With seven areas of focus covering all divisions of the business, Vision 2020 sets out more than 50 economic, social and environmental goals that HSH is committed to achieve by 2020.
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    Governance & Management
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    Guest Experience
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