At HSH, we recognise that we need to engage and motivate each and every one of our employees. We address your needs on an individual basis, ensuring there are clear career maps, diverse work and learning experiences, including mobility of location.
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"At the end of the day, we are all human beings and the most important aspect, whether we can speak the same language is irrelevant, as long as we have respect for one and other. Once we have respect, all language and cultural barriers can be overcome"

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In 2014 The Peninsula Hotels ranked as the number two most desirable hotel employer worldwide, in a survey conducted by the Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS) of more than 1,030 hospitality students from top hotel management schools in 99 countries.

Human resources

The long-term nature of the company combined with the relatively small size of the company helps to create a family feeling. We believe Human Resources has an important role to safeguard this culture and look after our people individually. We want the interactions with our employees to be genuine, caring and respectful.