A vision for sustainable luxury

With our 150-year history and heritage, we remain committed to exhibiting a strong sense of responsibility, level of consciousness and integrity in all that we do. We understand that in creating a legacy and addressing the challenges we face; our Group must play a role in building a sustainable future.

In current years, we have witnessed longer-term trends such as environmental and social impacts becoming more significant in the eyes of our stakeholders. It is essential that we address these challenges strategically, considering our ambitions and priorities as a Group.

We believe that luxury need not be wasteful; that the highest standards of luxury can be delivered in a sustainable and responsible way. It is our aim to make sustainability part of the appeal of our luxury offering.

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How are we doing?

We aim to provide a connected view of how we manage the sustainability of the Group. We publish yearly a separate Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report and should be read together with our Annual Report to provide a holistic view of our performance in this area. We refer to several reporting guidelines such as the GRI, IIRC and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s ESG requirements.


The HSH Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020 puts sustainability at the heart of the company’s business model and brand. With seven areas of focus covering all divisions of the business, Vision 2020 sets out more than 50 economic, social and environmental goals that HSH is committed to achieve by 2020.
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