Christopher Ip Shih Ming

​Chief Financial Officer

Appointed to the Board as an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer in January 2021.  Mr Ip brings with him a wealth of experience in international investments, real estate transactions and corporate finance. He joined Phoenix Property Investors as Chief Financial Officer in 2013 and prior to that he worked for Grosvenor Asia Pacific as Finance Director. He also worked for Jardine Matheson Group, where he held Finance Director positions of a number of companies. Prior to that he was an Executive Director of Hopewell Highway Infrastructure and he also worked for the mergers and acquisitions divisions of Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in New York and Hong Kong. Mr Ip holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from London Business School. He is 51 years old.

More Profiles

The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie

Non-Executive Chairman

Appointed a Director in November 1964 and elected Chairman in 1985, Sir Michael is a substantial shareholder of the company within the meaning of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

​Andrew Clifford Winawer Brandler

​Non-Executive Deputy Chairman

Appointed a Director and Deputy Chairman in May 2014, Mr Brandler is also Chairman of two subsidiaries of the Company.

Clement King Man Kwok

​Chief Executive Officer

Appointed to the Board as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in February 2002, Mr Kwok is also a Director of the majority of the Group’s entities.

Peter Camille Borer

​Chief Operating Officer

Appointed to the Board as an Executive Director in April 2004, Mr Borer is a Director of the majority of the group’s entities. He joined the group in 1981 and was appointed General Manager of The Peninsula Hong Kong in 1994, taking on additional regional responsibility in 1999.