All in-room technology used at The Peninsula Hotels is designed and developed in-house and then prototyped and tested to perfection by the Research and Technology team of electronic, software and hardware engineers, who are able to respond to guests’ needs through a combination of observation, innovation and technological expertise.
​In-room technology


languages available at the touch of a button. ​
Control the entire room in your own language with one touch of a button
Internet Radio


radio stations to choose from
The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie
"Our goal for The Peninsula Hotels’ in-room technology is that our guests must be able to “sense it, feel it and touch it”, yet it must be invisible and seamless at the same time, with connectivity and interlinking all in-room functions. Above all, we want it to be user-friendly."

The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie

​Chairman, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

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