We are proud of our Tradition of Integrity, and are committed to conducting business ethically and with integrity.

We hope you will be able to report breaches of our Code of Conduct directly to your line manager, your local People & Culture representative, and/ or usual business contact as this is the most effective way to ensure a timely response. However, we recognise for certain matters this is not appropriate and offer this confidential Speak Up Portal where you can report in your own language confidentially.
Reports can be submitted via the Convercent-hosted ‘Speak Up Portal’ or through the toll-free telephone number available on the portal. The portal will forward your report to the appropriate persons at HSH for review and investigation. Please note that the local laws may limit the type of report that may be made.

When making a report, this must be done in good faith, and not for the purposes of spreading false information or making a report with malicious intent. The Speak Up Portal is overseen by the Group General Manager, Audit & Risk Management on behalf of the Audit Committee chaired by the Independent Non-Executive Director.

Please provide as much information and evidence and be as specific as possible so we can follow up efficiently. It is our policy that retaliation is not permissible against any person raising a concern in good faith.

We recommend revisiting the Speak Up Portal after 14 days of submitting your report, using the Access Number provided by the system along with your password, to check for updates.

Please note, the Speak Up Portal is not an emergency service. It should not be used for situations that pose an immediate danger to life or property.

If you acknowledge and accept the above terms, and wish to proceed with a report, please click on the logo below to access the Speak Up Portal.

Speak Up Policy

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