We believe our guests are thoughtful citizens of the world. They are evolving with the times and we know that every decision made – from the way we design our buildings to the way we make our beds – is an opportunity to enhance their experience with us. This has led us to curate experiences around our guest needs, while not compromising on the wellbeing of people, our communities, or the environment.

Sustainable Luxury Vision 2030

Use resources efficiently, prepare our operations for a low carbon economy
Develop and operate sustainable properties
Responsible management and diversion of our wastes
Responsibly source key products and services
Promote sustainability initiatives to increase awareness with guests and customers

Our Vision 2030

The HSH Sustainable Luxury Vision 2030 places sustainability at the heart of the company’s business model and brand. Separated into three pillars, our holistic approach prioritises the enhancement of guest experience, the empowerment of our people, and the enrichment of our communities, separated into 10 ambitious goals.
  • Our Guests
    Our Guests
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    Our People
  • Our Community
    Our Communities